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Welcome to our new, State-of-the-art static Portal website! Please navigate the site by clicking on links located along the top and in the sidebars. Check out our SiteMap if you require further assistance. Thank you and have an excellent day!

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Kudos Corner
Kudos to Dennis, of DennisTT.Net, who inspired this Portal infrastructure! Many thanks and a great day to you Dennis! :)

Welcome, everyone!
On behalf of all of us here at The Crossroads, I would like to extend a warm WELCOME to everyone who has been nice enough to take the time to check out our site! This is our unofficial Welcome Page! We hope you will enjoy your stay! Have an excellent day!!

Weather Pop-Quiz!
What was the date of the infamous Superstorm that smashed into the east coast and brought tornadoes, floods, and record-breaking snows?

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The Left-most and Right-most Columns contain blocks that contain important site-related links and information and links to webpages deeper within the portal system.

More content will be added soon!

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Welcome to our Crossroads Forums !

Static Portal
We hope you like our new website design here at JebDynamics Web Design!!! Please stop by our Forums if you'd like more information, or if you simply feel like a chat.
Would you be interested in a portal website like ours? Please feel free to visit our IT Forums for more information.
We hope you enjoyed your visit here to our site, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!! Have an excellent day!!!

Content will be added later on.

Content will be added soon.

More content will be added soon.


The Vault
Welcome to The Portal Vault. This is where you can access archived information that has been stored deeper in the Portal!
Crack open the Vault.


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Ring Owner: KBen Ebberly  Site:
Free Site Ring from Bravenet Free Site Ring from Bravenet Free Site Ring from Bravenet Free Site Ring from Bravenet Free Site Ring from Bravenet
Free Site Ring form Bravenet

This page structure will be modified so that all our webrings can be integrated into the page. Then this page will become our main Webrings page, but retain the present URL.

What this means is that there will be a new entry page designed for this site. For those of you who have bookmarked this page, Not to worry, this is a great place to enter this site, and a link will direct you to the front page.

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